J O S H U A     A N G

Ph.D. in Economics - Rogers State University


I am Joshua Ang, an Associate Professor of Economics at Rogers State University. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics. 

My research focuses on monetary economics, with an emphasis on the existence and stability of monetary equilibrium and its importance in monetary policy. Besides that, I have an interest in economic development, growth, macroeconomic policies, and international economics.  

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us, I have research papers on it using aggregate-level data. I investigate how health and economics are related. They focus on the effect of unemployment and other socioeconomic factors on the pandemic.



Mission of my projects

A brief description of the project's mission


Effort 1

To further consolidate the monetary and classical economics  

Effort 2

To investigate the institutional impact on economic growth  



Email [jang(at)rsu(dot)edu] to get more information