R e s e a r c h

What are the projects that I have worked on and I am working on?


Ang, J.P. (2023).  Middle-Income Trap: A Growth Model with Corruption and Evidence from Dynamic GMM Analysis (with Dong F.). Research in Economics, 2023, 77 (3), pp. 349-361.

Ang, J.P. (2023). A Dichotomy Between Democracy and Personal Freedom on the Spread of COVID-19: An Instrumental Variable Analysis  (with Gao G. and Sparks A.). International Journal of Social Economics, 2023, 50 (3), pp. 321-334.

Ang, J.P. (2021). The Effects and Counter-Effects of Unemployment and Stringency Responses to COVID-19: An International Analysis Using Simultaneous Equations Model (with Dong F.). Applied Economics, 2022, 54 (11), pp. 1278-1300.

Ang, J.P. (2021). Education in Mathematics and the Spread of COVID-19 (with Murray T.). Eastern Economic Journal, 2021, 47(4), pp. 571-589.

Ang, J.P. (2021). Property Rights and Economic Growth: A Dynamic GMM Analysis (with Patalinghug J.). Economics Bulletin, 2021, 41 (3) pp. 1387-1398.

Ang, J.P. (2021). COVID-19: Effectiveness of Socioeconomic Factors in Containing the Spread and Mortality (with Dong F. and Patalinghug J.). International Review of Applied Economics, 2021, 35 (2), pp. 164–187 .

Ang, J.P. (2020). Effect of Property Rights on GDP per Capita (with Patalinghug J.). Empirical Econo- mics Letter, 2020, 19(12), pp. 1441-1477.

Working Papers

Ang, J.P. Division of Labor and Switch cost. Working Paper. <click here>

Ang, J.P. Money for Market Clearance in Only Decentralized Markets. Working paper. <click here>

Ang, J.P. Money, Barter, and Direct Search Equilibrium. Working Paper. <click here>

Ang, J.P. Commodity Money and Direct Search. Working paper. <click here>

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Where I am today

What am I working on now? The followings are work in progress and on-going projects:

Ang, J.P. Barter and Money Co-existence. Work in Progress.

Ang, J.P. One-Shot Mixed Strategy Equilibrium. Work in Progress.

Ang, J.P. Requiem for Mill Coins. Work in Progress.

Ang, J.P. Preference and Money. Work in Progress.